Saturday, January 12, 2013

Easy Overnight Waves

You've probably seen this pin floating around Pinterest. It explains how you can make waves in your hair by twisting your hair around an elastic headband overnight. Smart, right? I thought so too. 

I gave it a try, but found my hair didn't stay put all night. Also, I didn't love the small wave/curls that came out of twisting multiple strands. I decided to try a similar tactic, only using two twists. I liked this a lot better. It made bigger wave-curls and the twists actually stayed put overnight because I used clips to hold it in place. 

This is from the other day, when I slept with my hair in the two twists overnight:

I am all about the quick and easy hairstyles and this one couldn't be easier. My former go-to easy waves came from sleeping with my hair in a braid. Believe it or not, these twists are even easier to do <and in my opinion, provides even prettier waves>. 


*I like to wash my hair in the evenings <thanks to dry shampoo, only every couple of days>. If you twist your hair when it's still wet, they turn out even better. Especially if you blast them with some hot air from the blow dryer before taking them down. That is a great way to "set" the waves. 

*You can make this style last a few days. Just use dry shampoo and keep your hair in the two twists over night. Often times it's even prettier on day two.

*When you're going a few days between washes, use dry shampoo at night. That way, your roots absorb the shampoo over night and you wake up with cleaner looking hair. 

*This may be obvious, but don't comb out the twists! Just use your fingers to separate and smooth the hair. 

Enjoy and happy Saturday!


  1. Woah this seems so easy! I'm totally going to be trying it soon!

  2. wow you have absolutely gorgeous hair!! i need to try this twist thing asap, i often do pig tails over night & like it. thanks for the tip about the dry shampoo in the evening sicne i'm a night-time hair washer/showerer as well.

  3. Your hair! I need to try this, but my hair is SO naturally frizzy I don't think it would look nearly as good.

  4. This turned out so cute! I've heard horror stories of trying it the original pins way but I might have to try your twist on it, your hair looks beautiful!

  5. These are such pretty waves! I wish I had real hair to try this with.

  6. Nice tips! (Dry shampoo at night = brilliant)

    I do something similar to this, but not overnight. After I shower, I blow dry my hair half way (I have long, thick hair so it takes forever otherwise). Then I twist it up in a bun on top of my head and clip in place with a claw clip. I leave the front a little loose, to not mess up my bangs/fringe. Blast with a little hair spray and blow dryer again, go get dressed, do my makeup, etc. Then I blast again with cold air from the blow dryer and let it down. Shake it out and I'm done! It gives big, natural looking waves.


  7. Your hair turned out so cute! I used to always have a friend french braid my hair and the next morning it was super wavy too. Right now, I'm in love with my bubble wand that does exactly what you did to your hair here, except yours doesn't involve all that heat to the hair!


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