Wednesday, December 26, 2012


A few Saturdays ago, I found myself with a free afternoon for some Christmas shopping and some thrifting. I had a very legitimate reason to include the thrift store in my stops : dog toys. Since we've been fostering Grace (you can read more about that on our family blog here, if you want), she has probably gone through 10 dog toys. Unfortunately, she is not impressed by rubber toys.. only stuffed animals. They're $3-$5 at the pet store - so I figured, why not load up on the 90-cent stuffed animals at the thrift store? (I remembered Renee doing this when we've thrifted together.. genius!) 

So, in addition to the bag of 8 stuffed animals, I also found...

1. Soup crock (I have two and have been looking for more to add to the collection! Perfect for french onion soup and pot-pies) - 90-cents 

2. Comfy cream-colored sweater - $2 (half-off $4)

3. Pretty patterned satchel - $3

4. Cute change purse - 60-cents

5. Ann Taylor Lavender and olive striped sweater - $3.50 (love the buttons on the shoulder!)

I hope you are staying warm and had a fabulous Christmas!


  1. ooh I love the two aztec-y items, great finds! Hope you had a fabulous christmas too :D

  2. Those bags are adorable. We must go on a thrift adventure when you get the gift cards.

  3. The striped sweater! The change purse! Such great finds!!!

  4. I love your thrifted finds! That printed bag is adorable :)

    xo Teresa


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