Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cozy Sweaters

When it starts getting cold, all I want to do is put on a cozy sweater and sip on hot tea. The last few days we've been at around 38-40 degrees here in Akron and in my book.. that's really cold. Then again, I'm cold in the summer if someone has their AC on too high. 

For all you fellow freeze-children, here are some of my favorite cozy sweaters out this season:

1. I love stripes and this Target Ultra-Soft Striped Sweater is no exception. 

2. I really love this Urban Outfitter's Ecote Intarsia Cardigan.
I actually already mentioned it here. Will it ever go on sale?

3. This Anthropologie Etched Frost Cardigan is so cute with the little pockets. 

4. This Etsy Vintage Slouchy Sweater looks so warm and cozy. 

5. How comfy would this Zara Twist Knit Cardigan be with leggings?

6. I love the soft purple color of this LC Open Front Cardigan.

7. There's also a cute gray version of this Urban Outfitter's Love Madly Fair Isle Cardigan. 

8. I love the look of this Jcrew Dream Cardigan with the denim top.

Not pictured but also lovely:

Urban Outfitter's Pullover sweater

Urban Outfitter's Staring At Stars Reversible Sweater

I am going to have to hold myself back from doing some online shopping. I have my credit card number memorized which doesn't help..

Happy Saturday and stay warm!


  1. Paha...I'm definitely a freeze-child and 38-40 degrees is not okay. Love the sweaters.

  2. I have #1!!! Btw I like that curling wandin my post and am happy to give suggestions if you like.

  3. Cute cozy sweaters. I really like number seven and number two.

  4. oh so so many to choose from! i don't know what it is with today, but bloggers are really testing my spending freeze. i want them all!


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