Sunday, October 21, 2012


When Jessica of Midwest Muse and Katherine from of corgis & cocktails and I got together a few weeks ago, we decided thrifting was a must. We stopped into the local Goodwill to do some treasure hunting.

I got #2 and #3 that night and the rest were from another thrifting trip.

1. Vintage Teapot - $2.00
2. Striped Maxi - $3.99
3. Vintage Wooden Plate - $1.50
4. Clock necklace - $2.50
5. Aztec Patterned Skirt - $2.99

The striped Maxi (#2) was actually first spotted by Jessica. Luckily for me, she decided it wouldn't fit her small size and would look better on a taller person. I love the colors and there are also some fun gold buttons going up the side. It's a little bit big but  nothing a belt couldn't fix. You'll be able to see more of it tomorrow :)

I'm thinking about adding the plate (#3) to my little thrifted plate cluster (detailed here).

Hope you had a great weekend!
♥ R


  1. What GREAT deals!!! I am a bit envious! :)

  2. Thrifting is my absolute favorite way to spend time with friends. I can't believe you got a maxi dress for $3.99. That aztec pattern skirt looks pretty great too. Jealous! :)

  3. I really need to go thrift store shopping, looks like you got some great deals x

  4. I love all your thrifty finds here, a great day out full of treasure!.


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