Monday, October 15, 2012

Squash Soup on a Whim

I'm such a big fan of improvised cooking. We always have random leftovers that I want to use. (I hate wasting food!) Last week we roasted a butternut squash (doesn't that just scream fall?) as part of another meal. We only ended up eating half of it, so we had half of a roasted squash left over.

On Sunday, I saw the leftover squash in the fridge and it hit me.. squash soup!

It took about 8 minutes and it was so good!

Here's what I used:

1/2 of a roasted butternut squash
2 cups of soy milk
2 cups of vegetable stock
Thyme (2 tsp. - add more depending on your taste)
Cinnamon (1.5 tsp. - add more depending on your taste)
Garlic powder (1 tsp.)
Montreal Salt Mixture (1 tsp.)
Cracked black pepper

1) Fill pot with about 2 cups of vegetable stock

2) Scoop the squash out of it's skin and into the pot (it should be pretty soft)

3) Stir the mixture and try to mash up the squash pretty well

4) Let is simmer for about 3-4 minutes

5) Add the soy milk

6) Stir well, continue to mash if you want it less chunky

7) Top with a pinch of cinnamon and black pepper

Notes & Tips:

*This is the somewhat "chunky" version. If you want a smoother version, just blend up your sqaush with some vegetable stock first

*As you can see, you can add more of less of the spices (same for the garlic powder, salt and pepper) based on your taste. Just add a little at a time, you can always add more.

*This is the vegan version. While we don't eat vegan all the time (I wish we were that strong!), I always keep vegan ingredients on hand (soy milk instead of dairy milk, veggie stock instead of chicken stock, etc.).

*Next time, I'll probably start by sauteeing some onions and add the veggie stock and squash to that.

*About this Montreal salt mixture.. it's actually Montreal Steak Seasoning and it's from the dollar store. I use it in practically everything I make - which ironically, has never been and never will be steak. No judgment, just not my thing.

I love to make soup on Sundays and have the leftovers for lunches through-out the week. How very Martha!

Have a great start to the week!
♥ R


  1. Love this vegan recipe! I dont claim to be a veggie or a vegan, however, I hardly eat meat so this is something that I probably would really enjoy. The Boyf on the other hand, he like his protein in the meat form so he would need a little something extra.


  2. wow squash soup sounds so homely / comforting yet exotic at the same time x

  3. I love, like, anything with squash in it, but I've surprisingly never made squash soup. I will definitely have to try this!



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