Monday, October 29, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays

Last October, I posted a collection of fun, Target Rainboots. It's that time of year again. Here in Akron we went from having a few close-to 80 degree days last week to rainy, cold and wet this week. This whole hurricane hitting the Northeast thing isn't helping and is actually pretty scary.

 Here are a few things I found to help keep you (fashionably) dry:

1. Target Rain Anorak - Ah, bird print, always a favorite. 

2. Target Red Plaid Rainboots - I love the red plaid for a fun pop of color.

3. Fulton of London Striped Umbrella - anything striped is good in my book.

4. JCrew Sperry Top-Sider Rain Boots - on the more expensive side, but the quality is probably worth it!
Check out the cool pine, I think I like that even better.

5/6. Target Zlota Rain Booties - they also have these in leopard print and they're on sale for $10.50!

7. Target Lightweight Rain Anorak - Target has this in a variety of colors to choose from.

8. Kohl's Dana Buchman Khaki Raincoat - I love the more polished and professional look of this one.

Not pictured but also worth checking out:

 We are due for some heavy rains and winds here in Northeast Ohio. I hope those of you on the east coast are staying safe and dry! We've been staying up-to-date with's Hurricane Updates.

Stay safe and have a great start to your week! 


  1. Oh my WORD. Don't do this to me with those adorable rainboots! I already have my pair of Hunters (a pretty unjustified splurge) and it never even rains here.

    I want those black rain booties soooo badddd omgggggg.

    1. Can you believe the price on those booties!? Like $10!

  2. I love that umbrella! I've been wearing my rain boots from the swap every day. Best thing, ever!

  3. i've almost bought that bird jacket a few times now -it's so cute

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

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  5. A good rain boots will be made of a material that is water repellent, whether the water is in the form of falling rain or puddles on the sidewalk. The object is to keep your foot dry, and anything else that happens to be on the foot at the time. At one time, the rain boot was considered a practicality, and was not manufactured with an eye to making a fashion statement. These days, however, you can obtain a rain boot is just about any color you can think of, and even some slight variation on the style as well.


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