Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NOTO // Pawsibilities Boutique Night

Back in September, I went to the NOTO Boutique Night for PAWsibilities Humane Society of Greater Akron and it was lovely!  <You know, almost a month ago before my little unplanned blogger break>.

Lauren (the owner) has the best taste and there were some great deals going on specifically for the occasion (win!). She even had a fun photo booth set up with cute props. <I kind of missed my lips but Jessica is definitely rocking the nerd glasses>.

The above photos were taken at the event by Studio SPC, they got some great shots at the event!

I got an amazing hippie-chic maxi dress for myself, a dress for one of my best friends and one other dress that may be a gift but it's so beautiful I may have to keep it.. we'll see.  :)

Check out the NOTO Facebook page and the website for more NOTO info and pictures!

We stopped in NOTO again over the weekend when I had the opportunity to hang out with Jessica (Midwest Muse) and Katherine (of corgis & cocktails). If you'd enjoy seeing more (better quality..) pictures of NOTO (and the three of us looking like we started a rockin' girl band) you should definitely check out Katherine's post here to see more!

 I have more to share with you this week, stay tuned!
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  1. Ahhhh! This is great!:) I love the picture of you two on the left. And Jessica is totally rocking those glasses! Thanks for sharing your pic's!


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