Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Girl Band

 Over the weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with Jessica of Midwest Muse and Katherine from of corgis & cocktails and it was lovely! Of course, no blogger meet-up would be complete with an impromptu photo session.

We were totally feeling like a girl band with the wind blowing and the three of us lined up.

Taking pictures with cute, small people always makes me feel a little bit like Khloe Kardashian. I don't think she's any taller than 5'10 but next to her petite sisters, you'd think she was in the WNBA. I don't mind though. Given the chance, I'd gladly take a few more inches! (I'm 5'6 and 3/4)

We had some great soup at the Stew Pot Kitchen, stopped into our favorite local boutique, NOTO, and my favorite.. thrifting! I'll have to share my finds later this week.

Anyway, big thanks to Katherine for taking the photos and editing them. You have to check out her post to see her little mouse shoes. Seriously cute.

Happy Wednesday!
♥ R


  1. jessica and i are kind of short. she's real short! i feel tall next to her, she's so adorable. and <3 i'm glad you like flock together!

  2. Yeah, story of my life, standing next to shorties. But you look great (as do the other girls) and not freakish in the least. And I love your leather jacket. That last picture could totally be the CD cover for your girl band, haha.

  3. You totally look like a girl band. Your style is all cohesive of one too.

  4. I'm not even 5 feet tall, so I basically feel like the shortest person all day every day. :( Especially next to you. You seem like a giant.

  5. adorable! you are so pretty and you aren't freakishly tall or anything, just freakishly amazing!

    xoxo :)



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