Saturday, October 13, 2012

Framed Chalkboard DIY

I've always loved chalkboard paint DIY's. <What blogger doesn't?>
Since we moved into this house back in March, there's been a "blank wall" in the kitchen. I decided I would love to put a pretty framed chalkboard there for meal planning, reminders and happy thoughts in general.
I was lucky and scored the perfect frame at the first thrift store I tried! The best part? It was only $2.00!
Here's how it turned out:

I love it!
Here's what I used:
*Cheap thrifted frame
*Chalkboard Paint
*Screwdriver to remove staples from the back of the frame
*Spray Paint
*Paint Brush & Roller
*Paint Stir-Stick
Here's how I did it:

Here are some things I learned along the way:

* Using a pizza box as a spray paint surface worked really well.
*It probably would have been greener to lay down newspaper under the pizza box..
*If your frame cracks in the process, use gorilla glue! It's the best. One of my corners came apart and this sealed it right up.
*Use a roller instead of a paintbrush to paint the glass with the chalkboard paint. At least for the second coat (mine took 3 coats with about 2 hours wait time in between coats). It looks a lot smoother that way.
*If you can, pick a frame that has some pretty details. You lose some of it by spray painting but you can still see it.
*The natural wood looks pretty too, you can always skip the spray painting part.

I have always loved the kitchen, but now with the addition of the chalkboard and instagram windows (more on that soon!), I love it even more.

Have a great Saturday!
♥ R


  1. You have an adorable kitchen! I love the new addition of the framed chalkboard DIY (and cant wait to hear about the instagram collage!)

    xo Teresa


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