Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Craft : Making Tie-Dye Style Leaves out of Coffee Filters

I love using Pinterest for craft ideas for my students! I'm not an art teacher, but I teach educational art classes as part of my job, so I'm always looking for new ideas.

The other day I saw this pin for tie-dye coffee filter leaves from The Chocolate Muffin Tree (which is great for ideas!). I thought it would be the perfect fall activity for the students.

                                                                                  It was!

                                                                             They loved it.

All you will need to do this project are:

*Coffee Filters
*Sharpie Markers
*Regular Markers (ours were mostly crayola & Mr. Sketch)
*Water Bottle

First, draw the leaf outline and veins in sharpie. Cut them out, then color with the markers - try to color the whole thing. Set up a both a spraying station and a drying station with newspaper. Use the water bottle (on the mist setting) to spray the leaves. Too much water will make all the color bleed out, we found about 5 squirts to be the perfect amount. After spraying them, move them to the drying station. They take about 30 minutes to dry.

After they dry, it would be really cute to hang them in a window or even string them first and then hang them (leaf banner style).

One thing I did differently that worked out really well use sharpies to make the veins before using the markers. Since it's permanent, it doesn't bleed like the other marker. That way, you don't have to wait for them to dry to add the veins (I wasn't sure we had that much time). Melissa went back and added metallic marker veins after they dried. I love the way that looks too.

One thing with the sharpies - before you even hand them out you have to remind the kids that they're permanent and if anyone draws a mustache on another student, they can't use them anymore.

Enjoy and happy Friday!
♥ R

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