Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thrifted : Crop-Top, Skirts and Shoes

I'm such a skirt person. I wear skirts and dresses all.the.time. I've said before, I find them so much more comfortable. (Not short skirts, though, we've had that discussion too). That being said, thrifted skirts are the best.

The other day, I found myself with a few free hours on a Wednesday afternoon. This is the best time to have some time to thrift, because Salvation Army has their family day - 50% off at least 4 color tags!

Here are my finds.. including some new favorite skirts!

1. Vintage Tie Crop-top : $1.50 (half-off $2.99)
2. Cream Midi-Skirt : $1 (half-off $1.99)
3. Turquoise Midi-Skirt : $1.00 (half-off $1.99)
4. Possibly Vintage Loafers - $1.50 (half-off $2.99)

In a few weeks we'll be going to Georgia and Hilton Head Island for vacation. I can definitely see myself wearing the crop-top with the cream midi skirt. How cute would that be for a late afternoon beach walk? I know.

The loafers I'm picturing for fall - with skinny jeans and a casual v-neck. <Like those comfy Target v-necks with the front pocket many of us have in like 4 colors? You know the ones>. It goes without saying I'll have to use my handy method for cleaning thrifted shoes on them.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I love those shoes! I have never had luck with thrifted shoes because I wear siz 10! I have been doing really well in the skirt department though! I may have to stop by Sallys on the way home today for 1/2 off :)

  2. THAT cream pleated skirt! Omg I might be going to Hilton Head and Savannah in a couple of weeks..when are where you going?! Sal Army half off day is the best, I just discovered the location in C.Falls, not as good as montrose but some cute knick knacks.

  3. Nice finds. I like the print on the top.

  4. ooooh all of these are such lovely finds. I'm especially digging that crop top!

    xoox Mama Wolf.

  5. those cream pleats, delicious!

  6. Great finds! I'm jealous of those prices...I've gone thrift shopping around my house and things can still be pricey. I gotta keep me eye out for finds like yours!

  7. Absolutely love those shoes! So cute :)
    xo Heather


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