Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Waves

My hair is finally getting to the point where it's starting to feel long. Part of the reason I wanted to grow it out was so I could actually style it. My favorite look is long, loose waves.. but  I've had a hard time figuring out how to do summer waves in my hair. I can't seem to stop it from just looking too curly instead of having soft waves like these..

  Images via Pinterest here, here and here

 I tried the twist and straighten method here and it didn't work for me. It actually ended up straightening it more than anything.. but I was probably doing it wrong.

What seemed to work best was StyleSuzi's method from her video here

These tips she gave were really helpful:

*To avoid tight curls, start half-way down the strand of hair.
*Take thick strands of hair
*Curl it away from your face 

I tried it before going into the office yesterday and I did better than usual.. but still need to work on it. 

I don't use hairspray, so I know it won't hold as well. I have really sensitive skin and have to be careful about hair products, especially since I only wash my hair every other day.

Maybe I'll just sleep with it in a braid..

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I'm posting a tutorial on this within the next couple of weeks! Your hair looks beautiful!

  2. i am loving your hair like that! wavy hair is my favorite and i am so happy that i have finally excepted my curly locks! for a while, mostly during high school, i fought my curls.

  3. You have great hair! I am trying to grow mine out, so I am totally saving these pictures of you for hair inspiration :)

    xo Teresa

  4. this is seriously all i ever used to wear my hair like. my hair natural curls/waves a lot like the girl in the last picture. my husband told me i looked like a cave person. haha. but i always loved it. i think the curly wavy look is great!

  5. I think your hair looks as good as the inspiration photos.

  6. I've tried a few as well. i tried the twist and striagten... didn't work. i tried the sock bun curls.. didn't work. i tried the head band one where you wrap the hair around it. didn't work. haha. but what has always worked AWESOME for me is twisting my hair into a bun with a SPIN PIN... you can pick them up at target.. wist them in while its still damp and then let it out! AMAZING waves!! they are so pretty!

  7. I wish my hair was long enough for these looks! Also your hair is looking amazing and I'm sad.

  8. I tried the twist and straighten method on my hair too and it didn't work for me either! I feel like it almost made my hair look crimped, which I didn't like. I've been using a curling wand that I just bought at Target and I've really liked how that's turned out.

    Jess - J's Style


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