Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Favorites

You know I'm no shnazzy beauty blogger like our friends Charlotte and Lyndsey (who just did a fantastic beauty interview with Ali Fedotowsky here!). However, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite products that come in extra handy during the summer months.

1. A great primer. I like the bareMinerals Prime Time Oil Control. I ordered mine online, here. It helps with shine and helps your makeup stay put in the heat.

2. Fun nail polish colors - my favorites this year are coral and turquoise. The coral color came in a nail-kit and the turquoise is For Audrey by China Glaze.

3. The Intuition Razor. I don't know about you, but I'm not wearing tights under my shorts and skirts anymore. This razor helps make shaving quick and painless. It's worth the extra money if you have sensitive skin!

4. Garnier Expert Exfoliator. My Step-Mom passed this facewash along to me after it dried out her skin too much. If you have oily skin, this really helps! It has gentle exfoliating beads that feel like they're really getting your skin clean. 

5. A great soothing lotion and tanning lotion. I like to give my skin a nice golden glow, especially during the summer months. I use Loreal Sublime Bronze mixed with Burt's Bees Smoothingly Sensitive Body Lotion, that way it's not too heavy and it helps avoid streaks. I only use it about twice a week or if I have a "special event". It gives you a nice sparkle and a nice color!

6. A Light Body Splash. Wearing a strong perfume ususally gives me a headache, so I'm all about these light scents I can stick in my purse and spray on through-out the day. My favorite is Gap's Scent, Heaven. I also like the Water Lily scent by Calgon (yep, the Walmart brand, I'm fancy like that). Victoria's Secret also has some nice Body Mists.

If you have any favorites to share, I'd love to hear your summer must-haves too :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Strong perfumes give me a headache, too. And the only perfume I can wear consistently without having a headache is Gap's So Pink. I love wearing it during the summer!

  2. Love your favorites!!! The polish, obv, and the body splash especially-I love a light scent for summer. Is it weird that I'm a little obsessed with your rug too???

  3. aww what an adorbs shout out! me and char are pretty crazy, haha! ugh I'm like SUPER PICKY about perfumes! i think my one bridezilla moment will be something to do with perfumes. like i have to approve them for my bridal party. they make me nauseous!

    my summer must haves are the new revlon lip stain balms me and char reviewed, and my new lavanilla perfume! xoxo

  4. i wanna try that exfoliating gel! especially with all this humidity, that would be a god send :P

  5. Great summer picks! I love the bare minerals primer too! I so silky. Nice post:)


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