Tuesday, June 12, 2012


There was one thing I really wanted to do this weekend.. plant some herbs!

I love cooking with fresh herbs.. they make everything better!

On Saturday afternoon we went to Donzell's, a local green house, to pick up a bunch of herbs and some air plants. They have a crazy, huge selection!

I'm kind of in love with plants.. I use them in decor and always have fresh flowers (usually one or two of the $4 bouquets from Acme - they last 10 days!).

So what happened to people being able follow blogs by clicking a 'follow' link at the upper left hand side? I guess the only way is having the GFC button in the sidebar? That's why mine is back. Oh, blogger.

Have a great Tuesday!

PS - On Sunday I attended the Ohio Michigan Blogger Meet-Up and it was great to meet the other bloggers! More on that soon :)


  1. I was wondering the same thing about the "Follow" thing. Very annoying.

    I would love to be like you and to be good with plants :) I recently bought a house plant from Ikea and it's still alive, maybe I'll brave it and get a few more? Is Acme a local store?

  2. oooo soo cool!! plants are soo fun and so cool that you can make them different each time!


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