Friday, June 15, 2012

Ohio Michigan Blogger meet-up

 On Sunday I was able to attend the first Ohio Michigan Blogger meet-up in Toledo. It was so interesting to meet some of the girls in person! Kelly of Fashion or Fiction, Jayme of The Random Blogette and Stacia of Free to be Stacia Lee did a great job putting together the meet-up! I think for the first one we had a nice turn out and next year will be even better.

 Kathy was our Photographer for the day (she's also a contributor on Are You On The Fence?) You can check out Kathy's album on her website here.

We had a great lunch at LaScola (they were really accommodating to us non-meat eaters!) and we all got a great swag-bag to take home. Jill from Lake Erie Shores & Islands gave us some info on travel opportunities and there were some great raffle prizes. One of which I won! A $75 gift certificate to Meig Boutique. :)

Here are the links for the other girls who attended:

The three of us drove together from Akron (after getting to see Sarah before!). You already know them from the 330 Swap & Shop.

And of course the lovely organizers:

Sidenote: After I got dressed for the event, I realized everything I was wearing was thrifted, including my pin and clutch. It was a proud moment. The skirt I got for $2 in Hilton Head as documented here and worn here)

Have a great Friday!


  1. You look amazing and this looks like such a fun event... I have been desperately trying to convince my guy to move us to Ohio (he is originally from there) so I am super jealous of this get together!

    xo Teresa

  2. aww was super fun!! i am excited for next years!! haha thanks for adding the candid pic of me ;) and thanks for driving. and for supplying snacks. and thank reed for the car and gas :)

  3. looks like a great time - and sounds great. i love when restaurants are easily able to cater to non meat eaters - even though i eat meat when i did my rehearsal dinner i had so much issue with the place we were going to have it at because they said that vegaetarians could just have some extra salad. we ended up cancelling with them because of it.


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