Monday, May 7, 2012

PHSGA Boutique Night at Room 9

 Last week I had the chance to do some shopping for good cause - a win-win right? I thought so. You may have seen my heads up about the Boutique Night here. A portion of all the proceeds from the evening went to PHSGA (Pawsibilities, Humane Society of Greater Akron), definitely a cause close to my heart.

It was a really nice event and I was happy to be invited! Room 9 Boutique had some really cute items. I've never been in there before, so this was a great chance to check it out. They have a really pretty jewelry display with a great selection. The clothes were also really nice.. for a small space she really has a nice selection in there!

Connected to the Boutique space is  Sun Seekers Tanning, where they have a few tanning beds and also do spray tanning. I saw one girl who had just been spray tanned and it looked really good! 

 How cute is that polka dot top? They were out of my size or I probably would have gotten it. I did, however, find a super cute pair of gold, rosette earrings that I love - and they were under $7!

 That dress I got from Gabes for $12.99! I love the style of it.. really liking the whole short in the front/long in the back thing this year. 

On Saturday some of us 330-bloggers went to the NOTO fashion show and there were a few dresses like that there that I loved. The line to buy the items was really long (that's how good the stuff is right now!) so I'll just have to go in there soon :) More about the NOTO show (and pictures!) coming soon!

Hope you had a great start to the week!


  1. I love the way they merchandised the jewelry on that tree. Super cute.

  2. Thank you Rachel for coming out to the PHSGA Boutique Night and supporting the animals awaiting their FurEver home at Pawsibilities, Humane Society of Greater Akron!!

  3. This place looks so nice and that dress is AMAZING!

  4. That dress you are wearing is so bright and cheerful; love it.


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