Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Aging & Timing

 Have you guys checked out Hilary's series Fashion{insta} yet?

This was my submission for her post today.  I love the idea of sharing our fashion-grams :) This necklace was from the swap - it belonged to Jessie before and I love it!
You may remember I turned 27 this month. I know it's not a monumental age or anything, but for some reason it feels important. I love being 27 - it's so much more legit than 26, right? So don't get me wrong when I say it's making me question things. <Like, can I still wear red skinnies and say 'samesies'.. ?>

When I graduated from college (back in '07, geez), I thought I had so much time. So much time to get a great job, maybe get my masters and hopefully start our family. 

All of a sudden, it's 2012!

I always intended to get my Masters in Counseling a few years after graduating. I was really lucky to get a great job that I've been busy pursuing for the last couple of years.. and it just never seemed like the "right time". Looking back, I probably should have made it the right time

Now it's been 5 years since I've graduated and I'm in a good place to go back to school. 

The timing is tricky though, because as some of you may remember, last summer we 'pulled the goalie' and opened ourselves up to adding to our family. 

11 months later, I'm wondering.. did we wait too long? 27 is still really young.. isn't it?

I don't want to enroll in a Master's program and just barely get my feet wet.. and then get pregnant! I also don't want to wait longer to do something I have always been so excited to do.

We're just having fun, learning to trust and seeing what happens.. whenever it's meant to happen.

And I just might apply for grad school, too. Just to see what happens.

It's just hard not to plan your own life.. I'm so guilty of over-planning. When I was 18, I wrote out a life-plan (at this age I'll graduate college, at this age I'll get married, at this age kids, etc.) - control freak, much?

Needless to say, nothing really turned out how I planned - and you know what?

It turned out better.


 "Do the things you really want to do if you possibly can. Don't wait for circumstances to be exactly right. You'll find they never are." - Rudyard Kipling to Arthur Gordon in A Touch of Wonder


  1. Isn't it Interesting how life takes you in directions you don't expect? I really love looking back at the past few years and seeing how things didn't work out how I wanted, but now I'm in such a better place because of it.

    You have a great attitude and I know things will work out exactly how they should. Good luck with everything!


  2. Ah, life. I turn the not-so-legit 26 in June but it seems like an epic birthday for me--when I was younger, I had this rule that I wouldn't get married before 26. And 26 sits two weeks away, and I am as single as it gets. It's an introspective moment. And then I put on my fake wedding ring and go to work. My life is so weird, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love the path I've managed to end up on, and I'm glad you love your path too :)

  3. I definitely feel you on two things: 27 felt way more legitimate than 26, and it is indeed hard to not plan your own life. It's pretty fun (and sometimes anxiety inducing) to let God take the driver's seat, though!

  4. I think you can for sure say samesies and wear red skinnies, it's just all about how you present yourself. I think you are pretty awesome and you make me look forward to 27.

  5. it's weird where life takes you. i feel like 28 will be my turning point, randomly. i'm 24 now (nearing 25) and am crazy afraid because i know kids are coming soon and i still feel like i haven't gotten it all figured out!

    anyhow - i LOVE that necklace - it's beautiful - and your top is so elegant. i love the instafashion series!

  6. If you don't continue to say "samesies" my 28 year old self with be horrified.


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