Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NOTO's Northside Fashion Show

On Saturday some of the other 330-Bloggers and I had the opportunity to view the summer collection for Akron's NOTO. You've seen me talk about NOTO a lot  here on the blog. It's a locally owned Akron boutique and us 330-bloggers all love Lauren, the owner. Her taste and style are undeniable!

Before heading to the Northside Lofts, Jessica and Stacia met at my house so we could ride together and, of course, take a few pictures. It was our first time meeting the adorable Stacia and I was so glad to finally meet her!

The show started with two cuties (one of which was Lauren's daughter!) dropping confetti down the runway.. it was adorable! 

There were so many pretty items for summer - how pretty is this maxi?

After the show they had a pop-up shop set up so you could actually purchase some of the items we saw come down the runway! There were a few things I was pretty in love with but the checkout line was getting so long I decided to wait to go into the store to pick one. Luckily for me it's right down the street :)

I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go, this was such a fun Akron event! 
You can see more pictures on Stacia's post on the show here, Jessica's post on the 330-Collective Blog here and Liz's post here
Have a great Wednesday,


  1. I have that same Target dress on the left! I love the way you styled it!

  2. Thanks for all the awesomeness in this post:) I always smile when I read your posts!

  3. It was great meeting you Rachel! I had so much fun! Now lets schedule a weekend later this summer where we can thrift the entire time!!

  4. You look awesome, Rachel! So chic with the shorts and heels and a sparkly top.

  5. I love how I always look like I'm sleeping! And I love the shot you got of that maxi. That dress is so stunning.

  6. You are from Akron?? I have some college friends who all went to Jackson High school, sound familiar? Fun. ANYWAYS - nice legs!


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