Saturday, May 19, 2012

Love List

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I think this tattoo of Mandi's is so beautiful. I've been loving tattoos lately! See the finished tattoo on Mandi's blog here. Fun fact: Mandi is from Canton and her work of art was done by Jesse Strother from Good Life Tattoos & Piercings here in Akron! 

So I pinned this necklace (which is gorgeous!) from Neiman Marcus and just clicked the link to find it's $2,065.. ha! Even if I won the lottery I don't think I could ever justify spending that much on jewelry.. but that's just me. It's still beautiful, no?

This adorable polka-dot chiffon dress from UO, how cute for summer?

Renée's special announcement! :) 

This recipe for Lemon Orzo Salad.. I am loving orzo right now!

Katherine's wedding post - especially her bridesmaids dresses. I love that she let everyone pick their own!

This pin : Do More of What Makes You Happy. So simple but so true.

You know I'm loving maxi's right now (see here), this one is so pretty!

And of course, Hilary's new Fashion{Insta} series, love it!

So you may have noticed I've been playing around with my blog design (again!). I think I've tweaked the header every day for a week.. without Jessica (my design guru) there to give me her input I feel like it never flows very well. I need to carve out a day to spend a few hours on it instead of 15 minutes here and there. I just wish I had her skill and eye for design! Maybe someday.

Tomorrow is swap day (if you missed it, we shared a styling preview on the swap blog!), we are so excited.. see some of you there!

I hope you have a lovely Saturday,


  1. That tattoo belongs to Mandi from Here's Looking At Me Kid....and she lives just a bit south of you in Canton!

    1. How funny! I think it's just gorgeous. I'll have to check it out! Thanks!

  2. Love Amanda!! She's a sweetheart. I recognized her tattoo immediately, it's so unique and original. You can read about it here in her post:
    She's having a baby too! :) Thanks for the shout out!! You'll figure out that blog design thing eventually. Good thing you've got Jessica! :)

  3. Love that red dress! So excited summer is here... can't wait to wear all the sundresses that have been hibernating in my closet!

  4. I've never read Mandi's blog, but Jesse is also my artists! He did my back! Small, small world. Also you are the most indecisive person I know with your blog look.

    1. Tell me about it! I keep getting bored with it!


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