Friday, May 4, 2012

Decorating with Thrifted Tin Plates

The dining room may be my favorite room in the whole house. <I know I've said that about the attic space too, it's a toss up.> The dining room has three big windows with a bench seat and a built-in book-case that I love. There is so much natural light that comes in and it's such a sunny and inviting space.

A few weeks ago, I thrifted a few tin plates before knowing exactly what I wanted to do with them. I loved their unique patterns and colors! While decorating the dining room, I knew that I wanted to hang something and remembered I had two pretty tin plates. <One of which was documented here.> I decided to go back to the Village Discount to scout out a few more - I found the brown one with the pretty border and the flowery one - both were $1.50 or under! The other two I had gotten before were 99-cents and 40-cents.

I found the mounting strips at target for around $3, stuck two of them on the back of each plate and then stuck them on the wall.. simple! 

 I really love how it turned out!
I think they're the perfect accessory for that corner of the room.

Last night I went to the Room 9 Humane Society Boutique night (the one I talked about here) and it was such a nice event! I brought R along so he could be my dinner date afterward. We were celebrating my 27th, I successfully kept it pretty quiet :) Pictures from the Boutique night (and the awesome earrings I got!) coming soon.

Happy Friday!


  1. Beautiful designs and colors! They are such a wonderful addition to your dining area :-)

  2. I love to decorate with plates, and I especially love the colors of those!!! great project!

  3. that's a great idea - it really does give color to a blank wall - and it looks great in your house!

  4. These look so good in that spot. I love it.


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