Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chicago trip

Well I made it back from Chicago yesterday afternoon just in time to head right into the office! <We have a big event tonight I'm helping coordinate>. It was such a good trip.. just long enough to see my brother, sit on the sand by the lake, eat a lot of good food and do some city shopping. 

If you're visiting the Chicago area, the Wicker park shopping area is my favorite! There is a Buffalo Exchange, Urban Outfitter's and lots of little Vintage/Consignment shops. I loved going into Buffalo Exchange for the first time! So many pretty things at great prices. 

There is another store on the same street called Crossroads Trading Co. that is also an awesome spot to check out! I got that maxi and green belt I'm wearing above for under $25! The dress is Everly brand and I love it! I may have to do a post of the other pretty things I found.. 

We don't eat a lot of dairy products at home, but since it was a special trip we let go a little bit and I had the best greek salad with feta cheese from CornerStone Cafe. Our favorite meal probably came from a love Italian restaurant, Anteprima, in Andersonville - if you're in the area I highly recommend this place! And of course we had the best late afternoon lunch at my brother's restaurant, Province <he's the Sous Chef there>. He is so talented it's unbelievable.. it works out really well for us! Because of his "connections" when we ate at Green Zebra <an amazing vegetarian restaurant!>, we got to try a few awesome extras on the house. Needless to say that was another high point of the trip! 

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I just moved from the Akron-ish area (Wooster, actually) to Wicker Park about 6 months ago! There are some great boutiques on Damen Avenue, too. Kinda pricy, but great for getting ideas.

    1. When we went over New Years we did some shopping on Damen.. another great area. You picked a great area to live!

  2. You are the thrifting queen. I am jealous of that dress.

  3. Love these pictures, super cute blue maxi!

    xo Teresa

  4. I live in Chicago, so, I'll have to check out some of those places :).

  5. P.S. I work right by the Corner Stone cafe; the owners seem so nice.


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