Monday, April 30, 2012

The Start of a Cozy Space

 My favorite part of this house is the Attic space that's a combination office, sewing space and general hang-out area for me. Lucky or what? I love it.
A few days ago I found that purple recliner at the Salvation for $29 - great condition and seriously, so comfortable. The best part? There was a tag on it that certified that it had already been cleaned. My in-law's have a great steam cleaner I borrowed, just to make sure. I can see it being the best spot to flip through a magazine or read a good book.

I love the color combination of purple, aqua, black & white - it's probably my favorite right now! The pillows are from Target and the rug is from Urban Outfitters, available here. The trunk was thrifted for $5.99, as posted here.

The clothes on the racks are all clothes I've been sorting for the 330 Swap & Shop coming up. Check out the post here for more pictures of all the items - so many bags to go through! Lyndsey, Jessie  and Jessica (& maybe her sister) will be coming over tomorrow for our first clothes-organizing party. I can't wait! 

Stay tuned for a little DIY decorating project coming tomorrow or Wednesday :)

I hope you had a great start to the week,


  1. I want this to be my space too!!! I just love that rug! I have been eyeing one just like it! Is it from urban outfitters?

  2. I wish I had space for a cozy nook like that.
    Too cute. I'm jealous I don't live close by because I would love to attend the swap.

  3. oh i love that rug! and what a lucky find!

  4. Your attic is the best place, forreal. I love it.


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