Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project Planning

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This pretty much sums up a new(ish) project I've implemented in my life. 

Project Planning.

 It's about getting organized and planning ahead. I've realized there are too many things I want to do to just meander my way through my days. When you work from home, it's easy to sleep in and waste time on various time-wasters (Pinterest, looking at you). For the most part, I can plan my days and work on the schedule I want to.. which usually ends up with me catching up on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday evening. 

I want to try to better organize my time and my cluttered lifestyle. I could get so much more done in a day if I actually planned ahead and stuck to a schedule. Not to mention my physical things - you don't even want to see my closet.

Any tips or tricks for staying organized and productive? 


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  1. Love this. I need to be better about project planning!


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