Sunday, March 25, 2012

Love List

This week didn't leave me as much internet browsing time as I would have liked, but I from the perusing I was able to do, I did find some goodies!

I'm a big plant person (and a big  West Elm person too), so the above planters definitely caught my eye. In the new place we have one wall that is basically a big window seat and it's the perfect place for my plants. I got these hanging glass planters to hang from the top of the windows.. more on that soon :)

Through Jess's Pinterest,  I stumbled across the RoverDog Etsy Shop and was way too entertained by these pictures of dogs and cats dressed up like little gentlemen. Way. 

Jessica's top (ok, entire outfit) makes me want to steal it all and replicate it.. and soon.

Stacia did a Mad Men inspired post where she included fashion options for a Betty, Joan or Peggy.. I can't get enough Mad Men.. the show and the fashion!

The Little Drom Store has some of the cutest jewelry pieces.. especially the Twin Triangle series!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday!


  1. great list! thanks for adding me :) Cant wait to meet you this May!!!!

  2. I love these and yeah, I knew that outfit was basically you. You can borrow the shirt at any time!

  3. Those potters are amazing. And that shirt is awesome, awesome, and awesome.


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