Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Mug Planters

I love decorating with fresh plants and flowers. It's totally worth the $5/week (sometimes more like 10 days!) to have fresh flowers around. We're lucky to have some great window ledges to put flowers and plants. This one is in the kitchen and looks out into the yard. That vase was my great-grandfathers.. he was a painter and this is what he kept his paint brushes in. Needless to say it's very special!

I also love decorating with Vintage mugs. The ones above were part of my grandmothers collection.. also very special! I have kind of a big collection of mismatched old mugs from the thrift store (it's kind of a problem). I wanted to display them in a meaningful way.. so I turned them into planters for some small house-plants.

 These sit on the ledge in our main living area, overlooking the front yard. Most of these mugs were 50-cents or $1 and the plants were $3-$5. You can get small plants from places like Lowe's or Walmart - or finding a local nursery is even more fun.

Get a collection of eclectic mugs and also an assortment of plant sizes and variety for more visual interest. You'll probably have to remove some of the dirt from the plant to make sure it fits into the mug. I usually remove some of the dirt outside then stick it into the mug while holding it over the sink.. it is a messy project! 

After you've put it into the mug, use a damp paper towel to clean the dirt off of the edges.

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I didn't drill holes in the bottom (like most plant holders have) because I didn't want to risk breaking the mugs, but that's something that would be totally do-able with a drill and sharp bit. I just take caution not to over-water.. you can tell by looking at the dirt if they're looking a little dry. I've had these for weeks and they're going strong. In fact, they're actually growing! Eventually I may have to move some to the yard and replace them with small ones again.

Enjoy :)


  1. These are super cute! I am not much of a plant person, but maybe one day!

  2. What a cute idea!! I tend to kill that is supposed to grow in the ground, so this is not for me. I do love the mugs though!!

  3. So pretty! I wish I had windowsills to display pretty plants!

  4. I've heard that putting pebbles in the bottom first does similar to having a drain hole, so, maybe you could just try that.

    I'm terrible with plants.


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