Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tacky Sweaters

So last night my friend had an "Ugly Sweater" bowling party for her husband's birthday. Would you believe she and I were the only girls who actually got into the spirit and wore ugly sweaters? I  guess I didn't exactly.. because I borrowed a sweater from my Vintage stock that I actually like. Still, though.. my point remains. People take themselves so seriously! Our husbands also had on ugly sweaters and I wish I would have gotten a shot of all of us.. only one other guy wore one. There were probably 12 people total in the group. I guess they were worried about what the 17 year olds in the neighboring lanes would think.

I wouldn't have cared if I was the only one wearing a tacky sweater (especially since I think mine is more 'fun' than 'tacky'.. but that's me).. but my friend came through with a fabulous 80's bi-plane sweater. The picture quality is horrible (I guess that's what happens in bowling alleys) but you can see the sweaters clearly which is what counts.

This weekend I also painted my nails coral, had a sushi date on Friday and got to wear my favorite rain/snow boots yesterday afternoon. Today R and I are chaperoning a field trip to a magic show.. they will love it! Hope you had a lovely weekend as well :)



  1. What a fun idea! I normally think of tacky sweaters only around christmas, but I think this is great!!

    Sorry I haven't been around lately, I didn't realize you changed your blog url and I wasn't receiving any updates from you!! But I am back now and loving your blog still!!

  2. an ugly sweater bowling party? holy crap that is an amazing combination! i love it!!!!

  3. How lame that no one else joined in! You an your girlfriend look amazing! :-)

  4. Hey hun! Not sure why but your blog totally hasn't been showing up in my feed :( I thought of you today when I was tagging peeps for an 11 things post I did and you should check it out cause I tagged you!PS I tagged you in an 11 things post!
    Xo Lori


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