Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cleaning Thrifted Shoes

Per request I am re-posting this info on cleaning thrifted shoes :)

Fellow thrift-a-holics will agree... one thing about thrifting is you have to be diligent about cleaning your items. Clothes are easy.. throw them in the laundry basket (one time I got a slip and I threw it in it twice). Some items aren't as easy. Earrings? Shoes? Here's the deal. 

Rubbing Alcohol. 

Remember these shoes I got here for 99-cents and $1.00 (half off $1.99)? (Salvation Army, I love you.)

The first thing I do is clean the inside with rubbing alcohol to disinfect. Then, just to make sure, I take a wet washcloth (with a little soap) and clean both the inside and outside. 

Happy thrifting!


  1. Thanks! I was always curious what you do with thrifted shoes because I've always been afraid to buy used shoes.

    P.S. I'm going to buy the 90% alcohol version, ha ha! :)

  2. Great tip! I normally put an all-natural general purpose cleaner onto a wet washcloth and wipe it all over the shoes inside/out. Is the rubbing alcohol safe for all shoe materials? Looks like you were using it on leather.

    1. It has never hurt any of the materials that I use it on.. I don't know if I'd use in on a fabric or canvas shoe.. but I use it on leather all the time!

  3. This is such a good idea - I always am a little skeptical about thrifted shoes, but this makes me much more comfortable.

    PS - I gave you a little award on my blog today. :)

    lace, etc.

  4. I buy shoes at thrift stores every now and then, but they pretty much have to be in mint condition. Even then I use L.A.'s Totally Awesome degreaser spray to clean up my shoes!

    More Modern Modesty

  5. This is really helpful. I always scrub the crap out of them with many different cleaners. Never thought of something this simple.


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