Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thrifted Things & A Refashion Re-Do

1. Retro Stationary Set - $1.50
2. Hand-Knitted Scarf -75-cents (half-off $1.50)
3. Let Warmers - $1.25 (half-off $2.50)
4. Vintage Polka-Dot Top - 60-cents
5. Hat - $2.00
6. Scarf - 99-cents

These are so fun finds from my last couple thrift trips. How much fun is that stationary set? I love the colors. 

Funny story about the polka-dot top.. I got the exact same one a few months ago. When I went to take it in, it was basically a disaster. I took it in way too much. When I saw this last week, it was like having a second chance at this refashion. Of course I had to get it!

I hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

By the way : Tomorrow's wear*it Wednesday is How to Wear Cardigans, hosted by Pheobe at Paper Balloon Journal. Email pictures to Pheobe at pballoonjournal@gmail.com

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  1. ohh!! i've been looking for some leg warmers! SO cute
    erica :)

  2. ooh those leg warmers are too cute! great find. i always look at the sock section and have found a few really cute socks but never before leg warmers. lucky lady!

  3. That top is fabulous! And I love that about thrift stores, very often I will find something that I already own or something that I bought years ago at the thift store :)

  4. The prices you thrift at are ridiculous. I can't tell if San Diego thrift stores are more expensive (which is very likely) or if I'm just bad at thrifting. Or both...also very likely. Cute top!


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