Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrifted Glasses

So I found these glasses the other day for $1.50 ($3 with a half-off tag!) and I bought them even though they aren't my prescription.. is that weird?

I'm going to take them to my eye doctor and see how much it would cost to get my prescription put in.. if they can even do that? I figured for $1.50 it was worth a shot.. The shape of them is somewhat unique and almost remind me of Keiko Lynn's. Just the shape though, I'm sure hers were a little more than $1.50. :)

Happy Thursday,


  1. I LOVE these, so I don't think this is weird at all! They are a great shape and look wonderful on your face. Good find! :)

  2. They're so cute, I love the shape!

  3. Those are really freaking cute. Not weird at all! They look really good on you.

  4. That's a real steal! (considering most frames cost at least $100 these days!). Super Adorable--I hope they can make it work for you!

  5. Sweet glasses! Loving the Lisa loeb vibe on you! You look cute!

  6. really cute, I like it, and so thrifty chic!


  7. Just found your blog, love it and I'm definitely a new follower! I really love the collared shirt under sweater idea, so cute!


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