Tuesday, January 3, 2012


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Happy New Year everyone! Did you have a good New Year's Eve? Ours was awesome. My best friend from high school came with us to Chicago (both of our brother's live there) and we went to a Cage the Elephant Concert at the Aragon. We didn't really know their music very well but who cares? It was awesome.  
Katherine's brother, Matt, has a really cool Vintage store in Chicago (Vintage Smith on North Damen!) and he and his wife are just all around really cool people. I have more pictures and details on our fam blog here

Anyway, about blazers. I am obsessed with vintage/old-style blazers. I always check for them when thrifting and my favorite one is this one, I wear it all the time.  

This week's wear*it Wednesday is How to Wear a Blazer. Send in your blazer looks to be featured! forthebirdsakron@gmail.com  

Happy 2012! 


  1. Oh man, I love the Aragon. Sketchy part of the neighborhood, but a seriously beautiful place. It took us about fifty minutes to get out of the venue, onto the train, and then it was this crazy mass of humans fighting for their train. It was AWESOME. I hope you experienced something similar. Cage the Elephant has that one really poppy fun jam. So, I bet the show was pretty cool. Anyways, I'm glad you had fun in Chicago and I'm 100% on the fence about blazers on me. But I think I'll send you one anyways.

  2. Love blazers too! I searched high and low for the one that I have now, and I loooove it! They go well with almost everything, so it's great for remixing too!

  3. Your New Years sounds amazing, so glad that you had a fantastic time. I love me a good blazer, I need to pull mine out and start wearing them more!

    xo Teresa

  4. I always thrift for blazers! I especially love the ones with gold buttons thick pads and tweeds!


  5. Haha, I love your novels! The reason I'm not at 100 is because I keep it hidden because I hate hate that box thing. I will soon delete it, but for now it works. I've gotten many remarks about it but I didn't care but for some reason I do now? And I just joined bloglovin'. I personally don't even use it, but I know people do. I guess I want to reach higher numbers for funsies and a sense of accomplishment. Also I lost all of em with the original blog transfer. Blah. Anyways, meet up soon!


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