Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Black & White

  Skinnies: Victoria's Secret ($3! Consignment), Top: Urban Outfitter's, Leopard Flats: Thrifted

I decided to throw in my thrifted leopard flats (I got these for $2!) with this otherwise very neutral outfit. The real part of this outfit worth talking about though is this top. Katherine and I spent entirely too long in the Chicago Urban Outfitters during our New Year's trip. It's a two-story UO and it's fabulous. 

I don't get too excited about non-thrift/consignment stores (unless they're locally owned and I can justify spending more).. but UO is different. I love their clothes and upstairs they have racks and racks of sale items! I paid around $10 and I love it. Check out the detail on the back.. isn't it pretty? It's made out of this silky and breezy chiffon material and has the cutest little buttons on the front. I love the cut of the bottom and how the back is a little bit longer than the front. 

Thank you Everybody, Everywear for the black & white idea :)

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear


  1. I love your hair! It looks really cute in those pictures.

  2. I love this top. I never look around UO except at the top floor. Those shoes are cute too!

    ALSO thank you. Apparently it was turned on? Now it's gone. I think. I hope. It better. Let me know? I hate hate those stupid codes.

  3. Love this outfit! I love the leopard with the neutral colors, surprised I haven't seen many other people doing it! And thank you for reminding me that I am in desperate need of black skinny jeans, I actually forgot for a minute :P

    My Growing Obsessions

  4. That detail on the back of that top is gorgeous!

  5. Your hair color is awesome. The leopard with the black pants is really nice too!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog forever ago. I was having a bad week, that turned into a bad month, that turned into a great time that was just not conducive to blogging.

  6. Beyond jealous you thrifted those flats.

  7. throwing in leopard neutrals is a favorite of mine. this is classic and i love it.

  8. Love the leopard flats! I'm sad you thrifted them because I've been looking for a pair and hoped I could buy them where you did. But why did I even think that they wouldn't be thrifted? Wishful thinking. Your hair color also adds to how beautiful this look is.

  9. simple and nice!! love it!!

    Elisa's blog

  10. I love the details on that shirt! So pretty!

  11. I can't decide what I like most about this look, your hair, that top, or those flats!!! <3


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