Monday, December 12, 2011

Thrifted Finds : Goodwill

1. Yellow Sweater - $3.19
2. Gray Sweater - $2.80
3. Striped Sweater - $3.19
4.Colorful Scarf - Consignment last week - $2.50

I went to Goodwill with R and I's friend Stephanie this weekend (girls only this time) and she shared one of her 20% off coupons - nice! Above are the cute things I found. 

The scarf I got from a consignment shop sometime last week. I went to get some scarves as "add on" gifts and found this one for myself. Most of the time they're between $5-$10 (which is still a good deal) so I was pretty happy when this one was only $2.50.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

PS - Our friend Dani is hosting wear*it Wednesday this week : How to Wear Leather Jackets. Check out her awesome leather inspiration post and send her your pictures to be featured!


  1. I love that scarf. I saw New Year's Eve yesterday and Hilary Swank's character had on this great silk scarf through the whole movie and it made me want to go thrift for some and add them to gifts {and for me} too.

  2. Some great pieces. Love the yellow and grey jumper :) Thank-you for following me and for the comment you left on my latest post!

    Hailes <3


  3. Please hide in my pocket and teach me how to thrift. ;)

  4. the scarf is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Those are great sweaters! and I love the scarf too!


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