Sunday, December 4, 2011

NOTO Winter Wonderland

Pictures from myself and NOTO

Last night was NOTO's Winter Wonderland at the Northside Lofts in Akron.. it was the coolest venue for the event! It was open and spacious so we had more room to ooh and awe over all the pretty things NOTO has to offer. Jessica and I fell in love with some chunky, cowl-neck scarves and the colorful, braided belts. There was also a to die for white dress we both loved.. but agreed wearing a white dress was asking for trouble.

I got the cutest florally dress and fun patterned skirt the last time we went to NOTO.. I actually already wore the skirt and will be sharing pictures of that this week :)

The skirt I wore last night (pictured above) cost $1. I was over-dressed but really wanted an excuse to wear this skirt before it snows!

Have a lovely Sunday :)


  1. I've got some serious regret over the chunky scarf I didn't buy. This collage is supa cute!

  2. A dollar for a skirt?! Now that's a great deal! I love scouring through bazaars with my bf! I'm glad he enjoys going with me too!


  3. I love the dresses you have pictured, they are so unique!

  4. Your necklace looks like it must be amazing (hard to tell for sure in this photo).

  5. Okay, why didn't I see this sooner?! You are awesome!


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