Friday, December 9, 2011

NOTO Skirt

  Skirt: NOTO, Shoes: TJMaxx, Jacket: H&M (Thrifted) Scarf/Clutch: Thrifted, Tights: UO (Gabriel Brother's)

 I found this skirt at NOTO a few weeks ago and I love all the colors! I thought it would be fun to tone down the "girly-ness" of the skirt with the leather jacket. Have I ever told you about this jacket? I was in line at the Salvation Army when I saw this behind the register in a cart stacked high with clothes that needed to be put out. For a second I thought about letting it go.. but then I turned into that annoying person in line that can't just quietly pay for their things and leave. I asked if I could see it (you know when you can just feel people rolling their eyes at you?) and when the tag said $3.99 (and it was a half-off color!) it was worth annoying the other customers. 

I still don't feel bad about it.

Our friend Jessica pulled off a similar leather jacket with colorful skirt look here and the last time I wore this jacket was with a striped top and floral scarf (my favorite combo).

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm definitely one of the annoying ones. But I figure, if I buy the thing I annoy everyone over, I'm helping out the charity, right?

  2. LOVE the scarf..i also love all the color in the outfit. Go You!

  3. I love SNOODS. Seriously, I spend too much time looking at them in shops! Cute outfit and a great blog, I am now a follower :)

    Hailes <3

    P.s Merry Christmas!

  4. I love this skirt and these leggings and I'm so glad you were that annoying person. It clearly paid off. Love it.

  5. Awesome cowl scarf- I thought it was from LOFT, but so impressed to see it was actually thrifted. Love the blog- new follower :) I'm probably going to wear my fuschia cowl this week if you want to check it out.


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