Saturday, December 10, 2011

Love List

This Herringbone wall, so pretty.

Hollie's post on Tom's, especially the Native American inspired ones here.

Kate's comfy-chic outfit here. I love effortlessly adorable.

RenĂ©e's guest post on Charlotte's blog about tattoo's
<I've been thinking about getting a dove on the back of my right shoulder for ages and I can't seem to take the plunge. All her pretty pictures make me want to though!>

Audrey in florals & stripes tied together with a blazer, here

Jessica rocking my birdie dress, here.

These Vintage Mary Janes - size 8.5 anyone?

Gotta love Saturdays.

I've got a thrifting date this afternoon and then I'm chaperoning a trip to the theater (getting paid to take kids to see a Christmas play and I can even bring R along?.. I'm lucky.)

Have a great Saturday! 



  1. Thanks for linking me up woman! And I could've sworn you said you wanted a music note tattoo? Or am I making that up? Huh. I must be wrong. Love your birdie dress too! Even if the sleeves are wonky! Have a great time thrifting and at the play, gotta love a good Saturday afternoon! :)

  2. Still love these posts. Such cool links! I love the post on bird tattoos because I'm working on a post about tattoos in general. And your job sounds way cool. Totally jealous.

  3. Those shoes are so cool! Ahh what pretty tattoos. I've been wanting to get stars in the same fashion as those birds on my shoulder, but I keep thinking, I'd have to get them retouched and such and that is such a pain, literally!

    Do keep us updated though, if you decide to take the plunge!


  4. These links are amazing. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a fun night out chaperoning!


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