Thursday, December 15, 2011

feather earrings

 bottom photos via Pinterest, here and here

Have you gotten on board with the feather earring trend? I love them! I actually really want to try to make them myself.. I bought all the supplies I need from Hobby Lobby but haven't done it yet. One of these days..

I checked in on my dad and stepmom's cats a few times while they were out of town a few weeks ago and my stepmom got me these burgundy feather earrings as a "Thank You" gift. I love them! I love the color and that they kind of blend in with my hair. 

Like I mentioned, I do plan on making some soon and will share a little DIY with you :)

Today I'm working in the office (scheduled post, you caught me) starting at 8am. I know that's not even that early and I'm always up by 7:30 anyway.. but having to be showered, dressed and presentable by7:30 (to be on time) is a whole different story. Tomorrow is supposed to be an exercise day too, ha! Not happening. Maybe later in the late afternoon but then it will be a day of two showers.. does anyone really do that? I guess I used to when I had a gym membership. How do people with normal 8-5 jobs actually function and find time to do things like workout? I am so spoiled by working from home these past few years.. at least I recognize it.

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. I was thinking about hot gluing some feathers onto a pair of dangle earrings...can't wait to see how your diy turns out!


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