Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crafty Mart

  picture care of Jessica, here

Crafty Mart is an awesome gathering of Akron-area artists, described as idiosyncraftic craft fair. They have a few events per year in Akron and this passed Saturday I got the opportunity to go with Jessica and we also saw Lyndsey (both awesome fellow Akron-bloggers!). 

I am really into supporting local artists and also local shops. It worked out perfectly that NOTO is located right next door to Musica, where Crafty Mart is held. I bought a few things from the lovely Lauren (NOTO's owner). It was 'small business Saturday' after all.. :) 

I also got a few random items (including a really cool and random Christmas present for the husband..!) at the Crafty Mart.. my favorite of which being the vintage dream-catcher necklace (pictured above) from Barbara of Toony Jewelry. She has the best jewelry, I was so glad nobody snatched up the dream-catcher before I found it :)

You may have seen on Lyndsey's blog that NOTO is having a free special event on Saturday..

 Hope to see you there :)



  1. i love that invitation. it's so pretty!
    i am jealous i don't live close by to attend!

  2. So sad I missed it this time around! But yay for Saturday! I love dream catchers! I just hung our dream catcher that his parents got us in South Dakota in the window above our bed yesterday. Hopefully that helps with all the donut dreams haha:)

  3. great post! :) love it!
    wanna follow each other?

  4. Yay! It was great to see you! Great Crafty Mart finds:D

  5. this crafty market looks so interesting! Wish I can fly over and check it out. By the way I love your blog changes, it looks cuter and more charming now. I almost couldn't recognized who you were..silly me. I was wondering where your blog was and now I know.


  6. I wish we had something like that in my city - looks fun =)

  7. I love craft shows and supporting local businesses! NOTO looks like a neat shop and I love your outfit!

  8. Loving the way you display your pictures and this post. I am glad I discovered your blog. I'm your newest follower!


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