Monday, November 21, 2011

Tunic Inspiration

All photos via pinterest

Did you guys see (here) that our friend Bekah from matters of merrymaking is hosting wear*it Wednesday this week? She chose "how to wear tunics" which is a great choice! A tunic is basically a long top that is usually somewhat loose fitting. 

I love tunics for two reasons:

1) They give you a good excuse to wear leggings in public, since they cover the good china. <Thanks Peach from season 8 project runway>

2) Since they're so long, I'm able to wear my stretchy-ish skinny jeans that aren't exactly the most flattering on my butt. To show that I need a little more structure (but give up the comfort).

So send in your tunic pictures to Bekah early this week - she needs them by tomorrow night to get the post ready before heading out of town for the holiday!

Have a great start to the week!


  1. The bottom left tunic with hearts is too cute!

  2. Funny story: this summer I was in a retail store and tried on what I thought was a cute summer dress. It had a black and white pattern, a sort of jewel-ish-blinged-out neckline, and on me--on all 4'11" of me--it came to a great place just above my knees. Later in the summer, during the "we need to clear the racks for all of the fall clothes to rush in" sales, I looked on Said Retail Store's website to find this dress, to see if it was cheaper. "The dress" was nowhere to be found. But a tunic, that looked alarmingly similar to the point where I realized, half an hour after viewing it, was available. At a crazy-cheap price. But, alas, not in my size.

    So yeah. Another reason to like The Tunic: for a person who is so short that even "petite" categoried clothing need to be hemmed on her, The Tunic is a great way to get a cute short dress for less money than a typical cute short dress might cost.

  3. Great inspiration! Would kill for that heart tunic, however! LOVELY! Very excited about hosting this week!

  4. I love tunics, they are always so comfortable! I love them with tights!


  5. I love tunics too! And all the one's you selected are especially cute.

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  6. love all of these tunics!!! I will be sending my pics as soon as I get home from town!

  7. I am so glad you wrote this post because turns out Wikipedia wasn't really that helpful after all!

  8. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog <3
    I love your style ;)

    wanna follow each other?
    dream big! xoxo

  9. i love the center bottom tunic, especially the mixing of prints & colors. very cute!


  10. I love tunics, but mainly because I am VERY tall {not, not quite model tall, but that awkward-nothing-is-made-for-me tall) and tunics just are kind of like shirts on me. Unfortunately, that means leggings are sort of not an option... too much bum showing!


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