Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is it..

picture via pinterest (where else?) here.

 Yes, it's November 3rd <already>, but I feel like everyone I run into shares the same sentiment : "How is it already November?!". Right? 

So after this one last Halloween inspired post, we can fully move forward into "holiday season" and bring on the turkey, snow and Christmas lights. I couldn't help but share some of the awesome Halloween inspired posts and costumes from a few of my fellow 330 bloggers. 

Check them out at our community blog, here

With all that being said..

T-minus 22 days until Christmas decorating day! 
I have a thing for nutcrackers.



  1. No way! I have a thing for nutcrackers too! I have a major collection :)

  2. I'm definitely counting down the days til Christmas decoration time too. I'm so pumped.

    <3 Rachel


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