Saturday, November 19, 2011

Love List

This pretty pink top from El Vintage, I am so having a pink moment right now.

Emily's post on bangs here, I am letting mine grow so I can can get them cut like this.

Mongs' refashioned pink dress here.. again I have a major thing for pink right now.

Renée's DIY chalkboard frame here - I've seen other people do this but not as well as she does!

These shoes that Jess rocked the other day.. her skirt is awesome too!

This pretty shabby chic chair that Kate gave a lovely face-lift, I love the vintage floral fabric she found!

This post from the other emily.. she inspired me to find loafers like that and I did, see?

And of course, Jessica's new blog, the Midwest Muse.. she rocks.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Love those strappy wedges. And that's totally okay about the questionnaire! You can send it back whenever - and if you change up your blog it will be the perfect debut.

    Goodwill Huntingg: Win the Pineapple Princess dress by Shabby Apple
    Best dressy boots on a budget - $50 and under

  2. I love all of the above! The bangs are my favorite. Now the strappy wedges...don't know if I could pull those off!

  3. Hooray for red loafers and bangs and pink!

  4. Jenn you could totally pull off the wedges! I didn't think I could either but then a woman stopped in the middle of Main St. during rush hour to tell me that my shoes were the bomb. These shoes kill it every time!

    Thanks for including me, Rachel! I love that chair, it's gorgeous. Nothing wrong with some pink!

  5. haha i just got my bangs cut after celeb researching! -JB.

  6. I love these posts! Don't stop them! Also thanks for the love!

  7. thank you for featuring me, you're so sweet!



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