Friday, November 4, 2011

Giveaway dress

  Dress: Vintage Dress from Bre, Scarf/Jacket/Hat/Pin Thrifted, Belt: Charlotte Rousse, Boots: Gabriel Brother's

This is the dress I won from Bre's Vintage Collection here - she has a lot of lovely vintage pieces! I wore it with my "riding jacket" and ankle booties. I also added my favorite hat (mostly because it was a non-wash day) and added one of my favorite pins. I really love this dress, it's really comfortable and an easy dress to wear.

So last night R and I went to Swenson's (it's a drive-in diner and they have the best chicken strips and fried zucchini sticks). We brought the dog and went to Starbucks after and it was the best little low key date night. While in the car we had some good talks and one stood out in particular.. we decided on all of our future baby names.

Owen, Elliot and Emelia (Em).

The only problem is.. at this point we only want to have one biological child.

No I'm not pregnant or anything..but don't those sound good together?
Maybe we'll have triplets.


  1. You look absolutely fantastic! Love the dress on you. You definitely brought it to life!


  2. I just discovered your blog and wanted to say hello to a fellow thrifter! And, oh goodness, I see that your thrifting extends to housewares and the like. We should be friends :)

    Clothes Karma

  3. You never do know do you?! The dress is super cute! I'm a thrifter as well!

  4. I love those names. especially owen.

  5. AH! NO! Eliot and Owen are mine! Okay, well in my head they are. That is if my future husband shoots down my dreams of having a baby named Atlantic or Atlas. Back up names. I have really good middle names for those two if you need any ideas. My car is actually named Eliot.


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