Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thrifted Shoes?

Fellow thrift-a-holics will agree... one thing about thrifting is you have to be diligent about cleaning your items. Clothes are easy.. throw them in the laundry basket (one time I got a slip and I threw it in it twice). Some items aren't as easy. Earrings? Shoes? Here's the deal. 

Rubbing Alcohol. 

Remember these shoes I got here for 99-cents and $1.00 (half off $1.99)? (Salvation Army, I love you.)

The first thing I do is clean the inside with rubbing alcohol to disinfect. Then, just to make sure, I take a wet washcloth (with a little soap) and clean both the inside and outside. 

Happy thrifting!


  1. Great tutorial! Love the shoes too :)



  2. Love this! I usually just wipe them down with an antibacterial wipe but this is probably much better!


  3. Thanks for the great tutorial! I always do this to the earrings I buy at thrift store I have not yet gotten the courage to buy shoes but maybe rubbing alcohol on them will encourage me!
    - Gaby
    From Rags to Glam

  4. Thrifting is one of my favorite activities too, once a week is a must do shopping trip .

    Love the way you clean the shoes , it's an idea

    Always following the great work you do on this blog
    The Dolls Factory

  5. I have to do this! I just thrifted two pairs of shoes yesterday...and I'm always a little turned off by the thought of some random persons foot sweat..haha

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  6. Jealous of your courage. I don't know that I could wear something that someone else has. Does that make me a snob? or a freak for being so scared of a stranger's body germs?

  7. Can I have a Wear-It-Saturday?! Thats the only day I get out to take outfit pictures! Hahaha also, we are going thrifting. You are taking me.

  8. I love thrifting for shoes! There are always good jewelry finds too. I've found some of the best earrings at thrift stores! and rubbing alcohol does do the trick, it's true!

  9. Good idea- I have to admit that I've never cleaned the shoes I buy when thrifting (I know gross eh) so this is a perfect way to freshen up the shoes!

  10. Thanks for the great tips! I never knew quite how to clean them so that I was perfectly happy with them. The last pair i bought had extra inserts in them. I was so happy I just took the inserts out!

  11. Good idea indeed, as I'm always thrifting shoes!!

  12. I just scored TWO amazing wool coats...I usually wash everything in the wash (besides shoes, and I love your idea...I was usuing lysol wipes) so whatchya think? pointers?


  13. I usually just give them a good spray inside and out with Lysol and let them dry, you method may be a bit more thorough.


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