Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thrifted Finds: Salvation Army

Exciting news for Akron area thrifters.. there is a new Salvation Army Store open in Montrose and it's definitely legit! It's huge and has a fantastic selection of vintage items. I popped in between appointments and found all of these gems in 45 minutes!

1. Watch : 99cents 
2. Purple bow-blouse: 99cents
3. Boyfriend cardigan (worn here) : $1.50 (half off $2.99)
4. Pencil skirt : $1 (half off $1.99)
5. Polka dot bow-blouse: $1.99
6. Sandals: 99cents / leather slip-on's: $1 (half off $1.99)

This skirt has such a pretty pattern and I'm thinking it must be vintage because the waist is tiny but the tag says it's a size 6! The above picture is actually the back of it - it has these little black buttons that are so cute. If it wasn't half off I probably wouldn't have gotten it.. but for $1 I'll do some crunches (notice I didn't say put down the ice cream.. that's not happening).

Looking forward to seeing your plain white t's for tomorrow's wear*it Wednesday feature! If you have a picture you'd like to share, send it to: Distinct.Style.Innovation@gmail.com

This is the type of shirt I mean (it's the one I'll be wearing) :)


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  1. hehe yeah.. i started working out harder so i don't have to deal with changing my eating habbits.. that is just silly- i can't manage without chocolate!

    ah that watch- such a good find!

  2. Wow, everything so cheap, love it! And I especially like your shoes!

  3. Wow you got some bargains. I can't believe how cheap you got your pieces for too

  4. ok, so i must totally not be good at thrifting because I couldn't find anything nearly as cute as you did! I would wear that purple blouse and white patterned skirt all of the time!! You need to come to PA and take me thrifting, lol!


  5. I LOVE THOSE BLOUSES! OMG, they're exactly what I'm looking for. And that skirt is fabulous too, Rachel!

  6. Salvation Army is the best!! I have one by my house and I always find little treasures there. Awesome finds girl...love the pencil skirt!

  7. OH wow, I really love the watch and skirt! Nice finds!

  8. I love the blouse and skirt, such good finds!! xx

  9. love those leather slipons. They almost look like moccasins.

  10. Love the purple and polka dot shirt! You have a good thrift shop!


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