Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thrifted Finds/ Last day for Giveaway

These finds are actually from a quick thrifting trip from last week. There is a Salvation Army right next to the Save a lot where I stock up on fruit and veggies. I try to stop in on Wednesdays where multiple color tags are half off!

1. Blue Skirt: 99-cents
2. Striped Shirt: 99-cents
3. Cardigan sweater with fun design: $1.50 (half off $2.99)
4. White blouse with bow: $1 (half off $1.99)
5. Flowered turquoise top: $1.99

Isn't that turquoise top fun with the flower print? I'm pretty sure it's vintage but there's no tag so it's hard to tell for sure. I was happy to find another blouse with the bow on front! I have worn the purple one I documented here a few times and I love it.

By the way, the ClubCouture Giveaway ends tomorrow!

Leave your comment on the giveaway post, not on the ClubCouture facebook page (sorry if that was unclear before!) The winner will get $25 to spend in the ClubCouture Shop. There are a lot of cute things.. and all of these last chance items below are only $11.95. Happy Shopping :)

                     Vest                                                 Pants                                                 Dress



  1. That blue blouse really caught my eye! It's gorgeous and the cut looks so timeless. Great pick!

  2. That turquoise blouse is gonna look amazing against your hair color!! And how come you keep finding bow front blouses at thrift stores? I've been on the hunt, but there are NO blouses, let alone good blouses, at thrift stores in San Diego or something.

  3. blue skirt is such an awesome find, I bet it will be great to remix with eh?

    xo Nav

  4. I love the turqoise skirt! I have a tan blazer that would look fantastic with that! Love your blog! So happy i found it!


  5. you have a great eye! thank you for leaving your comment (you really scored with that purse lol!) -- let's follow each other shall we :)

  6. those are some great thrift finds. my favorite is the pencil skirt. that is funny that your husband's name is reed - and that he spells it that way. I usually see it as Reid, but definitely prefer the double ee, and not just because i am married to the latter!

  7. I've been obsessed with blouses that have a neck bow thing and I love the blue skirt. You found some great things, I wish our Goodwill had stuff like this!

  8. Blue skirt and bow blouses! I want. And all for fabulous deals.

  9. LOVE number 1 and 5. Great finds!

    Happy Friday and weekend :)

  10. I really love that white blouse. It's so current. What a great find for just $1! Thanks so much for linking up!


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