Friday, October 21, 2011

Target Rainboots

 Have you seen Target's collection of fun rainboots? There are so many fun styles. I am especially partial to the seagull ones and red ones!

all images here

It has been so rainy and damp this fall and there have been many times I've come home with wet and cold feet. I think a trip to Target may be in order. Not to mention the Target close to us has a Starbucks inside..

I am so glad this week is over - it's been another crazy one. I guess that just makes us appreciate the weekend even more right? Hope you have a lovely Friday.



  1. It is rainy and icky out here today too! I already own some leopard rainboots and am a bit partial to the Yellow ones and the Red ones!!!! Oh yeah~

  2. I love fancy wellies they are so cute, I have a nice pair I should really wear more often :)

  3. I really must buy a new pair - it's been raining cats and dogs around here ! There are indeed some very lovely designs ;x

  4. Adorable! That green polka dot pair is to die for!


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