Saturday, October 29, 2011

Love List

Pretty much all of these looks from JCrew. Especially the rolled jeans with the navy sweater on the right.
Officially on the lookout for orangey red loafers.

Meredith's outfit at the bottom of this post .. legit boyfriend jeans.

House of Jeffers' post on bangles here, I love layering bracelets.

Jessica's post on the 330-Collective Blog about the new wear*it Wednesday here,
I think she described it better than I did... :)

This birdie necklace from this Etsy shop.. such pretty work.

Halloween cocktail ideas here.

Quaint kitchen, here.. I love the colored chairs!

Gold frame goes aqua, here. Love that color!


Happy Saturday!


  1. I love that gold frame turned aqua! I have done a couple of those myself. I'll have to post them soon. love it!

  2. I want that kitchen! How do people do that?! Oh, internet you make me so jealous.


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