Friday, September 2, 2011

Simple Stripes

Do you ever get out of bed, get your coffee and sit down at your computer and not know where to begin? Today was one of those days because this is one of those weeks. I love it because I'm blessed to love what I do. There are only a few times of the year when it's high-energy busy, job-wise. I'm always relieved when these times are over but also try to enjoy them while they're here. 

And now the weekend <and sleeping in> is upon us :)

Skirt/Hat/Scarf/Belt/Necklace/Watch: Thrifted, Tank:Express, Sandals: KMart

This is the same $2 skirt I wore here and I'm also wearing my new cowboy style belt I got on Tuesday, discussed here. This is a very summery look and the reason for that is our summer temps are back for a few days. I thought the days of high 80's were over.. wrong! Trying to enjoy it while it lasts (even though I'm really excited to bring out my boots, scarves and cardigans).

Happy Friday!


  1. love love LOVE that skirt! Looks so comfy and flowy :)

  2. o love the skirt!!! you look awesome.

  3. Shoot, I always steer away from skirts that length because I think they make my butt look huge but with the with way you're pulling that off I REALLY need to reconsider!

  4. You look amazing! ;-)
    hugs and kisses,

  5. That skirt is fabu! I wish I had luck thrifting.

  6. the skirt is so gorgeous & fits you incredibly well!

    autumn jordan

  7. Love the outfit! That stripped skirt is perfect in length and style--just right for you.

    Hope that next week isn't as busy as the last. Maybe it's just a sign that you're supposed to really really enjoy this weekend and do something fun...hehe

  8. I think this is my favorite midi outfit I've seen! I can't decide it if I really like midis even though they're so "in" right now, and you definitely just pushed me in the like direction. I just really love this outfit!

  9. Such a cute skirt! And I looove the hat...I've been searching for one like that all summer!


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