Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Skirt, Two Ways

This is the skirt I wore for last week's wear*it feature, remember? It's one of the items I leant to Jessica from Dresses for Dinner (by the way, if you're not following Jessica and Anna's blog that's a problem. For you. You'll thank me later). Jessica let me borrow this skirt (I actually still have it, whoops..)

I love how Jessica styled this skirt - short!

How creative and it looks amazing like that! 
<note to self - steal the idea next time I wear it>
Check out Jessica's post for more lovely pictures of her outfit with this skirt here.

Can't wait to show you some vintage looks for wear*it tomorrow - there is still time to submit pictures if you want to be featured :) Distinct.Style.Innovation@gmail.com



  1. Very cool! It's great as a dress but really love it as a skirt!


  2. I love the skirt both ways! Thanks for linking me to their blog... loves it! :)

  3. If only I had your height I'd wear it that way.


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