Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thrifty Finds: 75-cent Monday

1. Quilted tote-bag for groceries - 90-cents
2. Black lace-up ankle boots - $2.25
3. Cheetah print flats - $2.00
4. Old Navy shorts - 75-cents
5. Head scarf/belt - 45-cents
6. Embroidered belt - $2.50
7. Brown braided belt - 30-cents
8. Long-strap black purse - 75-cents

The 75-cent color was green and yellow tags were half off - so I got some major deals! I love getting shopping bags to take to the grocery store. It's so much easier (and greener) than carrying all those plastic bags. 

I have big plans to turn those shorts into cut-offs. I love the cut-offs I have now, but they are so short I feel like I'm always pulling on them! 

Do you guys ever shop at Plato's Closet? They only carry name-brand items, so I love looking for Urban Outfitters items! They usually have a great selection of shoes and accessories too. Check out my post for The 330 Blogger Collective if you want to see some of my recent Plato's Finds.

Have a great Tuesday and send in your pictures for tomorrow's wear*it Wednesday : How to Wear a Statement Ring!



  1. Love the embroidered belt! And great idea to turn denim SHORTS into cutoffs! I never would have thought of that.

  2. now how come I cannot find awesome stuff that cheap? Our thrift store has stuff that goes on sale but not for 75cents...our goodwill needs to have better sales! ha

  3. Love the boots! You're inspiring me to hunt down some of my thrift stores in my town. Hope I can find some fabulous finds like you did!

  4. I swear im the only person who has no luck in thrift stores, my thought is I need to head to wealthier towns or maybe i dont have enough patience to look through everything ahah both are an issue

  5. Wow! You found some great things! Can't wait to see how you wear em!!

  6. That belt is amazing!!! I wish I had a store like this around me!

    Hope you had the chance to check out our Tiffany & Co. giveaway!



  7. Oh my goodness, I wish my thrift store had a 75 cent day! You got some great deals!!

  8. Oh my gosh. This is SO great. I've never been to Plato's, but now I feel like I need to.

    You have a good eye, girl!

  9. Oh wow! What bargains. I adore those leopard print flats, too cute! I will definitely have to do some more thrifting, you have inspired me. :)


  10. Aw man! I went this Monday too! We should coordinate a meet up! I didn't find much except a pair of designer heels for SUPER CHEAP! SCORE. I love Plato's Closet. Sometimes the deals you find are impeccable.

  11. like pretty much everyone else said, i LOVE those leopard print flats and lace up boots. I'm way jealous of those finds! I don't usually have such great luck at Plato's- I think maybe I get irritated at the teeny stuff? I prefer Clothes Mentor. Do you have those?

  12. I agree -- turning shorts (and not pants) into cut offs is a great idea! I had a disastrous experience the last time I cut off a pair of jeans (I just wrote about it.) Those leopard flats are really cute too.

  13. BTW -- I have almost the identical pair of boots.


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