Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Nail Party

 For Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday today Kendra is hosting a nail party! I decided to share some of my favorite nail styles I've posted about over the past few months.

What I'm currently wearing: Wet & Wild - Lavender Créme

Other colors and styles I've tried..

China Glaze For Audrey :

 Wet & Wild Candy Corn :

A few weeks ago I tried out the Newspaper Nails 

Can't wait to look through some other fun nail styles!

Happy Friday,


  1. WOW! Lavender Creme and For Audrey polish color is FAB!!! I love it!!!! I am searching for those colors as we speak. LOL Great mani!!

  2. Oh i wish I could paint my nails sometimes! I get frustrated with it too quickly, and also, Starbucks employees are not allowed to have painted nails. yep. it's true. Wouldn't want nail paint to chip off while making a beverage i suppose...ew. that sounds gross now that I say it, so i suppose it's for the best! haha!

  3. I really adore the Wet and Wild colors. They come out totally fab and they are very inexpensive. I also can't wait to give the newspaper nails a spin. YAY!!

  4. I LOVE your take on the newspaper nails - the yellow is such a fun idea! *running to the store to buy a bright yellow polish*

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you did, so that I could find yours. =) I love your newspaper nails!!

  6. Great newspaper nails! The colors were a really good choice, and I like that you put the yellow on different fingers.


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